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Today, human interaction is largely absent from our music listening experience. Streaming is an isolating medium guided by tech giants; money, not music, is the prime directive. Inevitably, music has become a passive activity and its communities have begun to falter.
We at Grey Matter think that sucks, so we’re building a community of artists and fans that brings engagement and human expression back to music. Why? Because music isn’t audio wallpaper and algorithms aren’t enough. Listeners — artists and fans alike — should be able to engage with one another, authentically. Likewise, artists should have an opportunity to make enough to support their livelihoods as artists. As the people that appreciate these artists and their art, we have a responsibility to make sure they can continue to make it. Let’s assemble around the belief that music and its communities are essential, because they are.
So come express yourself, you beautiful human being, and participate in the music you love.

What guides us...

Our Operative Motto

Music before money. People before machines. Algorithms and ROI are steering the music industry away from the music itself. Music is human - perhaps the most human thing that we do - and it must be prioritized.

Our Core Values

Expressiveness. Authenticity. Curiosity. Humility. Our core values were crafted with care after deep reflections on many lessons learned. We tend to them with our gaze toward a future music landscape that embraces these ideals.

Our Mission

Build a community of users and artists that pays creators and gives voice to music influencers. We believe that expression inspires engagement, and engagement creates community. Community is the key toward a healthier ecosystem for all.

our team

Arthur Shikhman


Sam Eckmeier


Keith Pulitano


Carolina Teixeira