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Grey Matter is a music-first, expression-based social app that connects fans, artists, & streaming services. It’s human-based music discovery and community-driven artist support. Imagine an always fresh music feed curated by friends, artists, & tastemakers. Imagine engaging with all of your music communities in one place. This is what we’re building.

Why are we building this? Because music isn’t audio wallpaper and algorithms aren’t enough. And music, after all, is inherently a communal experience. Listeners — artists and fans alike — should be able to engage with one another authentically, and to discover music through their favorite people, not through data collected on their own listening habits. 

Likewise, artists should have an opportunity to genuinely engage with the people that support their livelihoods as artists. As the people that appreciate these artists and their art, we have a responsibility to make sure they can continue to make it. Let’s assemble around the belief that music and its communities are essential, because they are.

So come express yourself, you beautiful human being, and participate in the music you love.

What guides us...

Our Operative Motto

Music before money. People before machines. Algorithms and ROI are steering the music industry away from the music itself. Music is human - perhaps the most human thing that we do - and it must be prioritized.

Our Core Values

Expressiveness. Authenticity. Curiosity. Humility. Our core values were crafted with care after deep reflections on many lessons learned. We tend to them with our gaze toward a future music landscape that embraces these ideals.

Our Mission

Build meaningful engagement (artist-to-fan and fan-to-fan) via human-based music discovery. There’s no emotional connection in an algorithm. Our vision is a global music community of humans who interact with and support other humans.

our team

Arthur Shikhman


Sam Eckmeier


Keith Pulitano


Carolina Teixeira